Creatively Lazy Sods Are Turning Xmas Trees Into Valentine’s Trees & It’s A Whole Ass Mood

holiday tree

It’s currently the 10th of January, which means my Christmas tree has been up for far too long and I am embarrassed to show people my apartment.

Or, does it mean I’m just getting my ~Valentines Day Tree~ ready nice and early?

Yes, Valentines Day Trees are the latest ridiculous Instagram trend that I’m secretly obsessed with.

Actually, I’m trying to make the year-round multi-holiday tree a trend because why stop at Valentines Day? Why not Easter, St Patricks Day and Grand Final Weekend too?

[jwplayer ohxIxVxw]

Why get rid of your Christmas tree when you can simply re-decorate it every few months and keep the festive vibes up all year round?

In the same sense that the Disney film The Nightmare Before Christmas is both a Christmas and a Halloween film, your *Christmas* tree could easily be a Valentines Day, Easter, St Patrick’s Day and Halloween tree too.

There are no rules, you’re an adult and you can decorate your house however the fuck you please.

Warning, you will likely encounter some haters along your journey to year-round festivity, like my coworkers who responded to the idea with “good God,” “Jesus I hate this” and “gross I hate them.”

Maybe you’re incredibly extra and want a big fuck off tree to remind your significant other that you love them, or maybe you’re single as fuck and don’t need a partner because you’ve got a festive tree.

Either way, I am a huge advocate for the Valentines tree.

All you’ve gotta do is chuck some pink and red hearts on there, you could even reuse your red Christmas decorations to spice it up a little. Then bob’s you’re uncle, you’ve got a damn Valentines Day tree.

Christmas trees are bloody expensive, and you’re sorely mistaken if you think I’m only going to get one-month of use out of it per year. SORELY. MISTAKEN.

If your guests aren’t punched in the face by the festive spirit your home exudes, you’re not doing it right.

Keep the tree up all year round, file your decorations in order of holiday and make 2020 the year of the multi-holiday tree.