The Surprising Pros (And Definite Cons) Of Living With A Couple

living with a couple

Ask any renter and they will tell you that hunting for the perfect share house ain’t easy. Between finding the right location, at a palatable price point, you’ve also got to factor in the whole ‘housemate dynamic’ thing.

Sure, there are the usual warning signs to look out for when you’re viewing a place, like chronic untidiness and generally ~creepy vibes~,  but what about couples? If you haven’t lived with one before, it’s hard to know whether moving in with a couple is a good thing or something to be avoided at all costs.

Here we break down the pros and cons of living with a pair of lovebirds, so you know what to expect and, ultimately, whether it’s something you’d be cool with.

Let’s start with the cons – because that’s probably what you’re more worried about:

Con #1: The bills will be higher

This isn’t a huge shock but, when there are more people living under the same roof, the utility bills will (on average) be that bit higher than a house occupied by just single peeps.

A higher ‘housemate-to-room’ ratio also means there’s going to be more demand for things like the bathroom and kitchen, which can be pretty inconvenient if you run a tight schedule. More people also means more cleaning, which is definitely worth keeping in mind if you suspect there are a few slackers in the house.

Con #2: You might feel like a third wheel in your own house

If you’re the type of person who feels immensely awkward when you get stuck talking to couples at parties and gatherings, you should seriously ask yourself if that’s a scenario you are prepared to live with. Granted, couples don’t feel nearly as weird about the chats as the single person, but finding the right living situation has to factor in what you are comfortable with.

Con #3: If they fight or break-up, things could get VERY awkward

The same way it’s tricky to stay impartial when two of your friends start dating and inevitably get into a tiff, keeping out of household couple drama is a lot easier said than done. It all starts when one of them ‘just needs to talk’ to someone, and you happen to be around.

Next minute, you could find yourself implicated in the whole thing, which is very hard to escape when you’re all living under the same roof – especially if they patch things up and you’re forever branded as the housemate who ‘took sides’.

But hey, living with a couple ain’t all bad. In fact, couples can also bring with them some pretty great up-sides.

Pro #1: You get to pay less rent

While they cost the house more overall, couples also pay more rent than everyone else – or at least that’s the convention. So if you like the place you’re in or are looking for somewhere new, it’s worth remembering the couples foot more of the rental bill, making it cheaper for the rest of you.

Pro #2: Relationship and dating advice is always on-hand

If you’ve ever got a dating problem, one or both parts of the couple are often around to offer sage advice. In fact, rather than viewing your relationship ~drama~ as an inconvenience, they’ll probably enjoy offering their opinion on the matter. Some couples are so cute will even view it as their mission to help you reach a happy outcome, so you can all end up going on double dates together.

Pro #3: They will probs offer you free meals

Fact: Couples often cook together, meaning there are larger quantities of food being produced on a daily basis, and a greater chance of there being leftovers. If you’re at home without any meal plans, couples often feel the inclination to take pity on you/take you under their wing and feed you.