ATTN RICH 90s KIDS: The ’10 Things I Hate About You’ House Is Up For Sale

Got a spare entire property’s worth of cash lying around in your pocket, as well as an aching desire to recreate key scenes from one of your favourite flicks from the 90s? Then is this ever your lucky day.

The stately and wholly iconic house that featured heavily in the 1999 star-making flick 10 Things I Hate About You is officially on the market, meaning your dreams of sitting pensively on that gorgeous wrap-around balcony could feasibly come true, if the price is right.

The Victorian-style house, which sports five bedrooms and three and a half bathrooms, is situated on a river’s edge in Tacoma, not too far away from Seattle in the Pacific Northwest region of the US.

The house was used extensively in the filming of 10 Things, the film that made stars out of Heath Ledger and Julia Stiles, with both the exterior and the interior featured heavily in the movie. Better still, the interior of the house remains largely the same, meaning it’s fairly instantly recognisable for fans of the flick.

The house itself was built in 1907, and has been owned by one family for well over 30 years.

The double-level house also features a finished basement with a bar and cellar, and even sports a hot tub/spa.

If you’re keen for a very 90s themed change of pace, crank some Letters To Cleo and prepare yourself to put a hell of a dent in your bank account, because the property is listed at a whopping US$1.6million. Yowza.

If, for some insane reason, nothing about this has turned you off, you can peep the property’s listing via the real estate agent’s website.

Mostly we hate the way we can’t afford this house.

Not even close, not even a little bit, not even at all.