You Can Now Bypass Awks Doc Appts & Find Out If You Have An STI Via SMS

I preface this by saying there’s nothing shameful about going to the doctor and getting an STI test. 

Absolutely nothing at all.
It’s just that, for a lot of us, it’s something we’d rather keep as discreet as possible. Getting time off work to see a doctor is a bit of a pain in the arse; it can end up being pretty expensive, too. In some circles, there’s still stigma around sexually transmitted diseases and their treatment.
Maybe you had sex with a relative stranger sans dinger, or the franga broke mid-thrust. Whatever the catalyst behind getting your bits checked, it’s always a good idea to do it regularly.
If you find yourself squirming at the thought of having to book in multiple appointments with your senile doctor, you might be happy to discover there now exists an online system that facilitates and organises your STI tests for you, sans the middle man.
Stigma Health is an online platform that provides secure private STI testing. The system works by getting info about you, your sexual habits and where you are to refer you to a nearby pathology centre. Once you go and take the test, you’ll get the results sent to your smartphone within five biz days.
Their website reads:
“At Stigma Health we want you to make STI testing a regular part of your healthcare so we’ve made the process simple, cost effective, convenient and shame-free. There’s no need to have the awkward face to face with your GP, no need for a doctor to ask “Why?” (Because sex is fantastic derr!). No need for multiple appointments and potentially time off work or to try to find a specialist testing facility and sweat the possible reactions of staff. There’re no excuses left.”
The whole process costs $19.99, which is far less than most doc appointments.

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Photo: Gossip Girl.