In the need of some schmick fitness gear to make you, um, actually go to the gym? Same. Well, the Click Frenzy sales that happened this week were the perf time to shop up a storm – but if you missed out, fret not. Stylerunner are still doling out a massive 25% off sitewide until midnight on Sunday. Yeah, you know what to do.

FYI, in case you’re not across Stylerunner – the website was formed by Julie Stevanja back in 2012 after the self-confessed Bikram yoga addict couldn’t find a cool enough selection of activewear to keep up with her 5-times-a-week yoga needs. The site is now a Big Deal and has loads of fitness brands, from the obvi like Nike to the more niche like Alo Yoga and their exclusive brands like New Guard and FlightMode.

Still a bit lost? Here’s the top 7 items that have sold like hotcakes during the Stylerunner sale so far.

1. Adidas IG Glory Crew, $90 Down To $67.50

2. Tommy Hilfiger Cut Out Bralette, $49.95 Down To 37.46

3. Puma Turn It Up Tee, $45 Down To $33.75

4. Reebok Club C85, $130 Down To $97.50


5. Adidas Originals Coeeze Hoodie, $90 Down To $67.50


6. Tommy Hilfiger Thong, $39.95 Down To $29.96


7. Adidas Originals Boyfriend Tee, $50 Down To $37.50

Everything except sale stuff and gift cards is slashed 25% though, so go forth and check it all out here.

Image: Instagram / @stylerunner