5 Reasons Boxing Helps Your Physical & Mental Health Kick More Ass Than Rocky Balboa

Easily the biggest fitness trend following us out of 2019 is boxing. No, not the jump-in-a-ring-and-knock-them-out kind of boxing, the still-badass-but-less-contacty fitness class kind of boxing.

Could part of the popularity be because of the cool kid workout gear you can flash around the gym? Yeah, it’s probably a factor, seeing as Aussie fitness queen Tammy Hembrow has launched a brand new limited-edition collection for her activewear label, Saski, which is very much inspired by the sport.

Look, I’m defs not complaining – a sneak peek of their collection confirms for me that I absolutely need these shiny boxing shorts in my life. I will also take the hooded crop, please and thank you:

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However, the main draw is more likely the hectic physical and mental health benefits a simple whack of a punching bag can have for your body. Here’s five science-backed points to prove my point.

1. You can let go of that anger

No-one is saying that this is akin to a therapist, but for your average angry days or pent up frustration, I dare you not to feel better after hitting something as hard as you can. Visualise a particular face, if you must, I won’t tell anyone.

2. It works your entire body

Unless you’re one of those gym-junkies who is sweating it up for hours every day with a rotation of leg-day, ab-day, whatever-day workouts – you want to hit your whole body at once, right? Well, that’s exactly what boxing does, plus it’s heavy on the cardio.

3. Your coordination will be out of this world

I am not a ‘boxer’ but I have certainly boxed. Let me just tell you, two people timing their movements to happen at the exact same time lest one of them gets punched in the face will make you improve your coordination real fast. Yes, even if you started pretty coordinated in the first place.

this one’s mostly just for me, tbh

4. It’s a major happy hit

Oh sweet, sweet endorphins. While it’s true that all exercise triggers a rush of the happy hormone, a study published in Neuropsychopharmacology found boxing takes it to the next level. TLDR: an hour of high-intensity workouts release significantly more endorphins than an hour of moderate exercise.

5. Teamwork definitely makes the dream work

Sure, you can go punch a bag on your own, but typically in a class you’ll be paired up with someone else. Nothing keeps you more honest and focused than the accountability that comes with teamwork.

Off you go my million-dollar babies, time to box yourself into a happy and healthy 2020.