A Guide To Knowing Which Kind Of Pimple Has Found Its Forever Home On Your Chin

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OK, OK I admit it. I’m an anxious skin-picker. I pick and poke at every miniscule blemish and pimple on my face and I know it’s bad but I just can’t help it!! I have problems OK.

Obviously, this picking makes my skin very mad and angry. I would also be mad and angry if someone poked at me all day (side note, who remembers when you could ‘poke’ people on Facebook? Yeah. It was annoying right? Maybe poking in all its forms should be illegal).

Mad and angry skin = a bunch of pimples and red spots that I simply do not know how to treat. Luckily for me — and you, dear reader — we have spoken to a bonafide skin expert on how to treat those li’l pus boys.

How many types of pimples are there really?

According to Dr Matt Vickers, the clinical director at Software, quite a lot actually — but acne vulgaris is the most common culprit.

“Acne vulgaris can affect everyone from babies through to adulthood. It is distinguished by the characteristic features of comedones,” he says.

Comedones can appear across the whole face. They range from closed comedones, also known as whiteheads, through to open comedones which are commonly known as blackheads AKA the most satisfying little buggers to squeeze (although I must stress, you really shouldn’t squeeze ya pimples).

It doesn’t end there.

“Due to bacteria on the skin, comedones can lead to inflamed papules and pustules. Inflamed comedones can develop into nodules or cysts which are much larger, tender lesions that are a marker of more severe acne,” Dr Vickers adds.

OK I got me a pimple. What should I do?

First step, don’t panic. Next step, DO NOT SQUEEZE. Seriously!

Dr Vickers agrees.

“Don’t squeeze it or try to pop it,” says Dr Vickers.

“The first step is to consider what the underlying cause is, especially environmental triggers. Develop a good, daily skincare routine with a gentle cleanser, light moisturiser, SPF and stick to using non-comedogenic cosmetic products (these are cosmetic products that won’t cause comedones or pimples),” he continues.

Luckily for you, the angels over at Software are total experts in all this skincare stuff.

Software is a telehealth platform that treats acne and anti-ageing. Literally all you have to do is jump on the website, answer a couple of q’s and the doctor will review your skin. Then, you’ll get your very own personalised formula that targets your skin goals, with specialised prescription products delivered straight to your door.

Good riddance to acne.

Why do I keep getting the same pimple on my chin?

Have you got a recurring pimply friend? One of those guys that just won’t give it up? We’ve all been there — and just so you know, there’s often something you can do about it.

“[Recurrent pimples] may be due to hormonal changes (for example, PCOS causes pimples on the chin and jawline), something rubbing on the skin, or cosmetic and hair products that can lead to acne in certain locations such as the hairline,” Dr. Vickers says.

And don’t forget about mask-ne, too. Face masks, while brilliant at preventing COVID, can cause pimples by rubbing and trapping oil and dirt onto our faces.

When should I seek help from a skin expert?

Have you tried everything on your skin, and nothing seems to work? It can be frustrating to treat your skin super carefully and still end up with a buncha blemishes. If this sounds like you, it might be time to pay a visit to a dermatologist.

Dr Vickers recommends you swing by your GP first though.

“[GPs] can assess your skin and advise on the best products and routine to help, as well as address underlying causes when possible,” he says. “Dermatologists are usually involved with more severe acne and when nodules or cysts are present, this is usually a sign that dermatologist-only treatments may be required due to the risk of significant scarring if not treated appropriately.”

So, there you have it. Some expert tips on what to do with those pesky pustules of yours — and don’t forget to visit Software to set up your skincare consult with a doctor. We even got an exclusive 10% off code for you to use (PEDESTRIAN10) to make setting up a consult even easier. You’ll be on your way to clear skin in no time.