Perth Insta-Babes And IRL Besties Have A D&M About Boys, Booze And ~Party~

Our love of summer is strong here at Pedestrian – it’s the reason we’ve dedicated a whole section of the site to counting down the days till its arrival (68 days to go), and why we’ve partnered with the bubbly folks over at SKYY Vodka to launch their new, natural and #notsosweet FUSED vodka premix range with three summer-inspired flavours. As part of the collab, we’re bringing you this: a series of interviews with Aussie babes telling you how they keep refreshed when the heat wave hits.

Aussie babes Olive Cooke and Emily Hutchinson are arguably the most popular besties on Instagram with a collective following of over 100K: their friendship would be sickening if they weren’t such sassy broads telling daggy jokes that make them totally endearing.
As honorary guests at our Welcome To Summer Party (- on tomorrow – ), they’ll be keeping all who come entertained conversations like the one below… While they were in transit in India, we got the girls to interview each other about their friendship, life, summer, and ~PARTY~. Quick-wit and insights up ahead. 
Introducing…  Olive and Em: the babes of instagram you could actually, likely be friends with.
OLIVE: When did you know I was a ‘real’ friend?
EM: That would have to be when you let me come to breakfast with you in my Hilary Duff concert t-shirt and didn’t bat an eyelid when I ordered fair trade coconut milk decaf latte extra weak.
EM: If you could take one item of clothing from my wardrobe, which would it be?
OLIVE: 100% Hilary Duff band tee.
OLIVE: If I was a dude, would you date me?
EM: Well, I’ve always had a think for men with long hair. All jokes aside, your a solid 9.5 on a bad day, so definitely.

Approximate 5 @emelinaah ??????

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EM: Who’s your celebrity crush?
OLIVE: Charlie Hunnam, I still have a soft spot for him.
OLIVE: What’s the best life advice you have ever been given?
EM: It’s a toss up between these two gems: ‘No matter what happens, one must always remain fabulous’ and ‘Do it for story’. And, I can honestly say I try to live my life by both.
EM: Do you collect anything; what’s the largest collection of stuff you have?
OLIVE: I wish I were guilty of collecting/ hoarding something horrific. But moving homes and travelling keeps me from owning much. Other than my dignity, excellent dad jokes and my collection of great memories, I’m pretty much clutter free…

OLIVE: What are three things you need for a great summer?
EM: A ridiculously high cut one pieceOlive or Candice Swanepoel’s body would be nice… And, if I can’t have that, perhaps a few vodka limes so that I can at least think I have Candice Swanepoel’s body.

Went walkabout, had a dip ??

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EM: The season of giving is around the corner… what’s on your wish list that’s under $100
OLIVE: I want a “born to fish, forced to work” T-shirt for myself $1 – and some running water for a school in Africa $99 (available at Oxfam).
OLIVE: If you could teleport anywhere with me, where would you go?
EM: Can I teleport back in time? I’d take you to Malibu in the early ’90s. Think Point Break. Mainly so I could tell you to ‘go back to the valley -kook’.

EM: If you had to whip me up something to drink with three ingredients, what would they be?
OLIVE: Ooo ok, three ingredients: 250ml pina colada, 1tbs pina colada and a dash of pina colada (to taste).

Double chins for the wins, I don’t even care, @emelinaah runner up miss piña colada 2015 ??

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OLIVE: Can you describe what I’m like at a party?
EM: Well for starters, I can always find you no matter how large the crowd is because you have an outrageously loud laugh! Once I’ve honed in on that, I’d probably find you telling ridiculous stories to strangers with whom you’ll shortly become firm friends. You are equal parts cool and calm mixed with life of the party. You’re a heady. intoxicating breed of ‘ I couldn’t care less’ and ‘There is no where in the world i would rather be’. An enigma. And one I love, very much.
EM: OK, now tell people what I’m like at a party?
OLIVE: You said that I have an outrageously loud laugh, but you definitely have one too. At a party you’re usually laughing (outrageously loud) and in between twerking and tequila, after you’ve entertained every person within a 3m radius, you can found conducting interviews with all participating partygoers for potential friendship, sorting out all their life issues with incredibly sassy one-liners and dancing with them in-sync to Beyonce. With you, Emily, life is a party.
OLIVE: If you could only sing one song for the rest of your life, which would it be?
EM: That’s easy. Salt n Peppa – What A Man. It’s a song I can really relate to. Fun for the whole family, really.
EM: How do you stay refreshed in summer?
OLIVE: A change of religion every now and again can keep things fresh, but for me a good dunk in the ocean each morning to wash off all of last nights sins will do.

Today is for daydreaming ?? 10 days till Sri Lanka ??????

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