After Three Months With The Peloton Tread, I’m Obsessed With Running Again

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Friends, you could say that my workout style is inconsistent (at best). I get bored easily, I lose motivation, and some months, when I’m struggling to find the money to just, ya know, live, my expensive workout classes are the first thing to go out the window. But when I find something I like, I’m obsessed, deeply and sickeningly so. My latest obsession is the Peloton Tread.

The Peloton Tread first piqued my interest as I was getting a little bit bored of outdoor running. After two half marathons, I’d sworn off running for a little while, even though I loved it. However, after learning about all the different workout classes available on the Tread, and the variety of running styles to choose from to keep things interesting, I was sucked back in. And after a few months of trialling this bad boy, I’ve decided that it might just be the one piece of fitness equipment that’ll stop me from getting bored, permanently.

Here’s everything you need to know, including my honest thoughts.

Meet The Peloton Tread

Peloton’s Tread was designed to be ~aesthetically~ pleasing — you know, the kind of workout equipment that *actually* looks good in your home. It has a minimalist frame, a 150cm running belt and a fancy 32-inch LCD touchscreen display. And while most treadmills have all those things, Peloton’s made them a lot less bulky than other devices on the market.

Anyone who’s ever stepped foot on a treadmill knows how annoying it is to press those damn speed and incline buttons when your fingers are all sweaty. You’re just slipping and sliding all over the screen. However, you don’t get that on the Tread, instead, it features two large intuitive speed and incline knobs on either side of the machine.

On the right, you’ve got your speed, while on the left, you’ve got your incline, both roll back and forth quickly and easily. The Tread also has a really cool auto-incline feature that automatically follows the instructor’s cues during the workout and adjusts the incline without you having to touch a thing.

The best part though, is that there’s also a button in the middle of each knob that allows you to jump to the next speed or incline grade with minimal effort.

Now, luckily for me, I was able to convince my partner to generously let me put our Tread in his precious garage, but if you live in a small unit or apartment, you’re going to wanna make sure you’ve got the space for it. The dimensions of the Peloton Tread are 68″ L x 33″ W x 62″ H. Plus, Peloton recommends giving yourself at least 24″ of space to the left, right and front of the Tread, and 79″ of space to the back for workout space. It also says you’ll need at least 20″ worth of space between your noggin and the roof, so tall friends, you’ve been warned.

The Workouts

So obviously there’s a whole bunch of running classes — walking, running, endurance, HIIT, beginner, hill sprints, speed etc. — that go for anywhere between five and 90mins. Then, you’ve got access to a range of strength classes, cycling, rowing, yoga, meditation, stretching, walking, outdoor runs and cardio with your Peloton All Access Membership, which you can also do using the Tread or on your phone or laptop if you’re on the go.

Each class comes with a different difficulty level — beginner, intermediate, advanced — and a Peloton instructor from around the world. Like all workout classes, you’ll find your favourite instructors, workout styles and flows. Selena Samuela has become my number-one hype girl, she’s a ray of sunshine, a ball of high energy, and is super motivating. Plus, I really enjoy her workout playlists, and we all know how important they are!

Three months in, we’re 100 per cent in a parasocial relationship — LOL (Hi, Selena).

Not Your Standard Tread Features

Now, because the Peloton Tread isn’t like other girls treadmills, it also comes with some fancy features, including streaming capabilities like Netflix, NBA League Pass, Disney+, and YouTube TV. So you can literally watch an episode of your favourite series while sweating your ass off.

The Peloton Tread also displays your workout metrics like heart rate, output, cadence, and resistance on the screen throughout your class. However, you can easily swipe them off the screen and they’ll just be tracked in the background if you find watching that to be off-putting. You can also connect all your other health trackers like smartwatches, heart rate monitors, Strava etc. if that tickles your fancy.

If you’re someone who’s motivated by a little competition, you’re going to love the Leaderboard feature. It’s where you can see other Peloton users who have either run before you or who might be running at the same time as you. It uses their running stats to create a bit of a pace or goal for you to work to, if you wish.

The best part though is that when you tap on their little icon, you can send other live runners virtual high-fives throughout the workout. At first, I thought it was just a fun little feature, and then I started getting high-fives and it would make me smile mid-run. It always helps to know there’s some other poor sucker there slugging it out with you.

Peloton Tread

30+ Thoughts I’ve Had While Using The Tread

I’ve been using my Peloton Tread for a little over three months now and here are some of my honest thoughts.

  • Wow, this thing is bougie.
  • There are so many classes on here that I don’t know where to start.
  • Her outfit’s cute!
  • OMG, there’s Taylor Swift-themed runs. That’s me sorted.
  • This feels nice, there’s no chunky, clunky bouncing when I run.
  • I like these knobs — and the button in the middle — *chefs kiss*
  • More passion, more passion, more energy, more energy, more footwork, more footwork.
  • Man, these instructors must be fit.
  • Who looks that good running, I’d be a puddle if I had to talk and run that much.
  • It’s like she’s talking directly to me.
  • Oo, let’s send someone a high-five.
  • *Sings Wildest Dreams under my breath* (or out of breath, same, same).
  • And we’re running up a hill.
  • She better tell me we’re walking next because my lungs need some air.
  • The legs are legging.
  • We’re halfway there, where did the last 15 minutes go???
  • Okay, Selena, be nice today — no hills, pls.
  • Where does she get her outfits?!
  • Mm, foam rolling class, that sounds nice.
  • I wonder if I’ll ever be on top of the leaderboard, LOL. It’s nice to dream.
  • I wonder if my housemates can hear my heavy breathing.
  • Today, we’re going to lift.
  • I wish I could write that quote down she just said.
  • Three week streak, lessssgo, bb!
  • I miss my Peloton.
  • Let’s make a workout stack today, warm up, run, cool down.
  • I’ve never been this sweaty in my life. It’s dripping in my eyes.
  • I hope I don’t get chafe from these shorts.
  • 4:40 pace who is she?!!
  • This middle-button business is a game changer.
  • I should really try another instructor’s runs but then I’d be betraying Selena, and I can’t.

One Of The Many Aussie Music Playlists I’d Curate If I Were a Peloton Instructor

My only real critique of the Peloton Tread is that I wish there were more Australian instructors and playlists, to really give it that homely feel. So, I’m going to pretend I’m a Peloton instructor for a minnie (let me live) and curate a little playlist of Aussie artists I’d run to for a chill 30-minute run.

I could go for extreme Aussie pub classics, but those feel more like drinks on the dance floor at 3am than run tracks to me, so I’m going to go for something a little different. Be warned though: My latest Spotify daylist was titled: Surf Rock Afternoon — so if ya don’t like it, don’t @ me.

Warm-Up (5mins)

  • Lime Cordiale — ‘Waking Up Easy’
  • Dope Lemon — ‘Pink Rose Cadillac’

Running (24mins)

  • Rolling Black Outs Coastal Fever — ‘French Press’
  • Chet Faker, Marcus Marr — ‘The Trouble With Us’
  • Spacey Jane — ‘Good for You’
  • Ball Park Music — ‘She Only Loves Me When I’m There’
  • The Jungle Giants — ‘She’s a Riot’
  • Dune Rats — ‘Red Light Green Light’

Cool Down (2mins)

  • Ocean Alley — ‘Touch Back Down’

Some more Aussie Artists you can get down too, in case we don’t share the same taste in music.

The Price

I know what you’re thinking, buying your home gym equipment can be expensive, and well, it is and it also isn’t — depending on how you look at it. Peloton Tread packages start at $4,445 plus $59 a month for Peloton All-Access Membership, which is required to access all the Peloton fitness content. Now, I’m not going to go all girl math on you, so my boyfriend did the actual math and I spend around $250 a month on workouts — so $3,000 a year. This means if I cancel all that, which I easily could, and replace it with the Tread, I’ll have gotten my money’s worth in about 18 months or so.

Plus, you get a 12-month warranty on parts and labour, three years on the Tread drive motor and walking belt and five years on the Tread frame.

If you’re keen to try the Tread but don’t want to over-commit, Peloton also offers a 30-day trial in your own home, commitment-free. If you decide it’s not for you, you’ll get a refund on your entire order, and they’ll send someone out to pack down and return the Tread.

Otherwise, if you’re keen to buy it RN, you can shop it below.

Peloton Tread

Happy running, friends!

Image Credit: Peloton / Apple Music