Karlie Kloss Smashed A Workout In A NYC Blizzard & We Just Ate A Pizza HBU?

When it comes to breaking a sweat, Karlie Kloss dun fucc around.

The 25-year-old American model knows her way around a gym. She can do weighted deadlifts on a bosu ball. She can smash the battling ropes one-legged balancing on a medicine ball. And judging by this Instagram post, she can also kill a workout in the middle of an actual blizzard:


Yep, there’s a genuine snow storm happening in New York City right now, and here’s Kloss smashing out some side skaters on top of a sliding lateral exercise board right in the middle of it.

The upload comes direct from Dogpound, the infamous NYC gym that where basically every Victoria Secret model ever trains.

Sure, she might be putting herself at risk of hypothermia by wearing a pair of tights, a bra and a beanie (working out smack bang in the middle of traffic is also questionable) but it shows some serious dedication, right?

A little like the dedication it took to write this article after we just demolished some Friday office pizza. Mmm.