Turns Out There’s A Reason Everyone You Know Is Sick As A Dawg RN & Here’s What We Know

Health experts have warned that a viral “triple threat” is coming to Aus this winter and everyone get your vaccination boosters ASAP.

The warning comes after Covid-19, influenza, and respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) have gone gangbusters across the northern hemisphere during the winter months, prompting concern among Australian’s medical community.

There were relatively low rates of the flu during the Covid-19 pandemic, probably because everyone was masked up and social distancing but those numbers skyrocketed in 2022 according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics.

A whopping 250,000 cases were recorded last year in Australia, with at least 300 people dying.

Per news.com.au, Australian National University infectious disease expert, Dr Nick Coatsworth, said that whilst healthcare workers are prepared for an early flu season, accessibility of flu vaccines remains a major concern.

“There is a triple threat this year, with the combination of flu, Covid-19, and RSV, and the urgency for early protection is real,” said Dr Coatsworth to news.com.au.

“As GPs and hospitals across the country stretch their capacity to record levels, the demand is only going to worsen if we all get sick.”

Dr Coatsworth is encouraging Aussies to use their local pharmacy to top up on their flu and covid vax and when it’s as simple as just popping to the chemist, why wouldn’t you.

TerryWhite Chemmart Chief Pharmacist Brenton Hart also spoke to news.com.au and said while people might be experiencing vaccine fatigue, vaccination is vital for helping to protect the immunocompromised community.

“People can unknowingly have the flu and gravely affect our most vulnerable,” he said.

“The more we suppress influenza through vaccination, the less opportunity the virus has to mutate and infect people.”

We know you’ve been hearing about vaccines non-stop for the past couple years but seriously, if you want to avoid using up all your sick leave in the first two weeks of winter, make sure you get the jab.