Roll Ya Sleeves Back Down Bc A Fourth COVID Vax Dose Probs Won’t Be Approved For Ppl Under 30

Adult man getting vaccinated in doctor's office

It looks like a fourth COVID wave is coming to rock Australia’s boat so naturally, folks under 30 are wondering if they’ll cop a fourth vaccine dose. The answer? Probably not.

It sounds a tad scary, but bear with us.

Former Australian Technical Advisory Group on Immunisation (ATAGI) co-chair and current member Professor Allen Cheng told the Sydney Morning Herald youngins won’t actually reap the benefits of a second booster.

“Vaccinations are beneficial and protective even for younger people but the more doses you get the less benefit you derive from them,” he said.

He also explained there’s a decreased risk of severe disease for people under the age of 30. And while some young folks copped their first booster about a year ago, they’ll still be protected against COVID.

“A 30-year-old who gets COVID is probably not going to get into any trouble with it as opposed to a 60 or 70-year-old,” he said.

“If it has been a long time since [an older person] got their last dose then we start to worry. A 30-year-old with… three doses will be optimally protected.”

There’s also an increased risk of myocarditis, which is when your heart muscle gets inflamed. According to the Department of Health, data shows it’s mostly men under 40 who develop myocarditis after copping a COVID vaccine.

It also said the disease, as well as pericarditis — the inflammation of the thin sac surrounding the heart — occur more frequently after the second Moderna dose.

Fourth doses are still recommended for folks under 30 who are at increased risk of severe illness, per the Department of Health.

With COVID hospitalisation rates increasing and two new variants rearing their ugly heads in Australia, being vaccinated is more important than ever.

Federal Chief Medical Officer Paul Kelly said in a statement that it’s important to “make sure you are up to date with your vaccinations – including having a third or fourth dose if you haven’t had them already”.

“Make an appointment for this dose as soon as possible so your immunity is boosted for the coming months when we are most likely to see an increase in COVID transmission in Australia,” he said.

“Vaccination is your best protection against getting severely ill or dying from COVID.”