Baths Are My Self-Isolation Treat & I Can’t Get Enough Of This Ultra Dreamy Sleep Soak

I’m lucky right now. See, I’m self isolating at home with my family, which means I’ve copped the big Family Home. The family home has a huge spa bath, some relic from the 80s that Mum never renovated away into the abyss. This means baths, and lots of ’em.

I’ve never been a huge bath fan, probably because my anxious disposition means sitting and ruminating on life isn’t a particular vibe for me. I also end up all sweaty but with cold boobs – WHY can you never 100% get your boobs underwater, it’s a curse from god I swear.

Anyway, because I also manage lifestyle content at PEDESTRIAN.TV, I do have at my disposal a whole bunch of bath-related products that sadly, I really hadn’t trialled for you guys up until now. But hey – self isolation means all the time in the world, and I’m spending that time hoeing into self care products.

The stand-out, however, has been Frank Body’s new Sleep Soak/Scrub.

Frank Body In Your Dream Sleep Scrub & Soak, $18.95

You probably know of Frank Body from IG – their original coffee scrub was a viral hit on social media, and from there they built out a total skincare empire with everything from cleansing oil to lip balms.

But this is their first foray into a bath product, and folks – it SLAPS.

I’ll start with the scent, because at the end of the day no matter how many good-for-you ingredients are involved in a bath product, if it doesn’t smell phenomenal then no one cares. Frank Body used lavender oil as the hero scent, but there’s also chamomile and sweet almond in there, too. Basically, all the nice sleepy stuff. The scent is subtle enough to not make you sneeze, but hectic enough to send you to snooze-town. Sometimes I just smell inside the bag when I’m stressed. There’s my confession for you.

But it’s also got all the hyped bath-related ingredients for your skin, too. Epsom salts – known to reduce swelling and soothe tired muscles. They’re also grainy and help with the exfoliation element of the soak/scrub, so you can slough off your dead skin cells or old fake tan before they dissolve for soaking.

There’s also magnesium, again a muscle soother and known to assist with calming inflammation. Chamomile and oat kernel extract are PRIMO for skin issues like psoriasis and eczema, or just dry crappy skin in general.

So it’s not just a pretty face. If you’re really looking to up your bath game, I have a few other choice suggestions:

The Body Shop Bath Pillow, $15
Manicare SensiScrub 3 in 1 Silicone Wet Body Brush, $14.99

Now you’re all set.