Lockdown may be firmly in place in some parts of the country – and that means no travelling – but that doesn’t mean we can’t all dream about our cold-weather escapes to cute winter cabins.

With the exception of Victoria (sorry, guys), most of us can now travel in our state at the very least, which means I’ll be hightailing it to one of these insanely cute winter cabins asap.

Technically, they’re not all cabins – but they are all adorably cosy-looking, many have fireplaces or outdoor fires you can cook things on, and all of them make me wanna wrap myself in a cable knit jumper and read 50 books at once.

1. Miguel Cabin, Southern Highlands NSW

One of tiny house holiday company Unyoked’s adorable cabins in the wilderness, the Miguel cabin has two beds, which means you can head off with a mate or two into the bush for some chilly down time.

2. The Dairy, Mornington Peninsula VIC

A cosy open plan studio, The Dairy is one of Airbnb’s Plus residences – meaning it’s primo in terms of design and layout.

3. Green Gables, Bright VIC

Bright is one of those places absolutely made for winter cabins, and Green Gables is really what you’re looking for in that vein. It’s a tiny house, so really just for solo travels or couples.

4. Elm Cottage, Tumut NSW

Situated in the Snowy Mountains, Elm Cottage is actually a series of cottages set on acres of land.

5. Bend Of The River, Gold Coast Hinterland QLD

Just because you live in the sunshine state, doesn’t mean you can’t have a wintry escape. The hinterland is the perfect spot to enjoy the cooler months in cute cabins like Bend Of The River.

6. Bruny Island Hideaway, Bruny Island TAS

Worth it just for that outdoor bath, tbh.

7. The Stable At Twamley Farm, Buckland TAS

Doesn’t get much more winter cabin than a converted 1840s stable, does it?

8. Mylor Farm, Adelaide Hills SA

More on the quaint, Bridget-Jones-does-a-weekender side of things, Mylor farm is straight out of one of those country living mags your mum adores.

9. Bandicoot Springs, Ironbank SA

Is that not the cutest tiny house you’ve ever seen!?

10. Organic Farm Spa, Margaret River WA

At this point I’m just searching “outdoor baths” and going with anything featuring one. What a BATH though, right?