Does A B12 Shot In The Ass Actually Help You Survive A Weekend Festival? A Juicy Investigation

vitamin B12 injection shot festival
Contributor: Courtney Fry, Louis Hanson

When you’re at a multiple-day festival — either as a worker or a punter — you’ll try just about anything to try and power through. You’re on the grind of getting up and being around thousands of people in the open air for most of a whole day and night. So when we overheard whispers that the Splendour In The Grass backstage doctor was offering B12 shots we thought “does that even work?”

What’s the worst that could happen? We might end up with a bruise, or — God forbid — feel more wrecked than we already were. So we popped our names down on the already-stacked waiting list and waited for the Good Doc to call our names.

And that’s how Louis Hanson and myself (Courtney Fry) ended up exposing our asses for this story. Some real gonzo journalism here, people!

We weren’t the only ones, either. The whole list of appointments on Sunday at Splendour is pretty much made up of folks wanting to get a shot of the good stuff.

The backstage GP and official Splendour In The Grass doctor — Dr Bill Anseline — told us that Vitamin B12 helps to improve focus and energy. Having it all administered as an injection (in the bum bum) forces the body to absorb a higher level of the vitamin at a faster pace, more than taking B12 tablets for a few weeks.

But does it work? Louis and I were staring down the barrel of our third day of interviews, industry schmoozing, content creation and watching bands for nearly 12hrs straight, so what better way to test it than right then and there.

First of all, here’s how I said good morning to Louis on the morning of Day Three:


So here’s our reflection of the whole ordeal, a couple of days after the Big Shot in our ass cheeks.

Honestly, the needle. I’ve got plenty of tattoos but I was still alarmed by the size of the shot itself. It was about as long as my finger.

Nice checking.

Welcome to our truth — we’ve bared it all.

Tt was an experience in itself getting a nutrition-fuelled syringe jammed into the booty, whether it made an actual difference or not. That content, alone, is priceless, booty and all. Yes, we’ll be back for another appointment this weekend at the festival.