TikTok Is Frothing This Very Wholesome Exchange Between Two Blokes On The Melb Airport Tarmac

A pair of airport employees have gone viral after they were caught having an impromptu golf lesson while on shift and the whole video exudes big bro energy.

When videos go viral from an airline it’s usually because something bonkers has happened before, during or after the flight. But finally, out of all the random vids in the world, we finally got something quite sweet and innocent.

A TikToker named Kaylee Ann (@Kayleehiko) was sitting in a Virgin Airlines flight at Melbourne Airport when she saw two employees exchanging golfing skills on the tarmac.

In the video, which now has more than 532,600 views, the man on the right began to show the man on the left his stellar golf swing. The man on the left tries to imitate the same move, but according to the body language of the man who was teaching the swing, it wasn’t quite right.

The man tried to correct his friends’ form in order to maximise his range, performance and all that golfing jazz. The pair went back and forth for a while, exchanging laughs and golf swings.

As Chubbs said in Happy Gilmore: “It’s all in the hips.”

What makes the video even more comical is that Kaylee dubbed the TikTok with the song “I’m Just Ken” by Ryan Gosling from the recent blockbuster giant, Barbie. It’s the perfect tune for this bromantic scene.


Thankfully, the comments were jam-packed with positivity for the bros. Some people even complimented the “teacher” on his golf skills.

“Why is this the cutest?” one person questioned.

“Boys are so adorable sometimes, just doing boy things,” a second person commented.

“If this is why my bags took so long to drop yesterday…then I’m ok with this,” wrote a third.

I just love watching two work besties doing the absolute most.

I bet you five bucks that these two blokes have that work/friend relationship where they spam each other with TikToks and write “us”.