Martin Scorsese’s TikTok Icon Status Has Been Recognised In This Wholesome AF Birthday Cake

King of the silver screen turned it gal of TikTok Martin Scorsese has celebrated his 81st birthday with an adorable cake inspired by his current fame on the social media app. Ugh, so wholesome.

In case you’re not on TikTok, the movie industry icon has become a huge hit after featuring in a number of his daughter’s, Francesca Scorsese (@francescascorsese), videos.

Francesca has convinced her 14-time Oscar winning dad to get involved in everything from popular filter challenges to posing/dancing to viral TikTok songs.

My personal fave — and probably the most popular Scorsese TikTok — is where the director attempted to decipher internet slang words such as ick, sneaky link and ate.

The wholesome cake was decked out with photos of his most popular TikToks alongside some of the slang he tried to decipher, such as tea, slay, shade, slept on and all those internet words the kiddos use.

“We Slay Birthdays,” the icing reads on the gorgiana cake.

Just look at that adorable smile!!! He’s beaming. I’m beaming. Everyone is bloody beaming because it’s so stinking cute.

Following the cake reveal, Francesca posted a lovely IG photo of her holding hands with her dad, celebrating their birthdays.

How did Martin Scorsese get TikTok famous?

Prior to his TikTok fame, Scorsese was known for directing a bunch of Hollywood gems.

Most recently, Scorsese directed Killers of the Flower Moon, which was released this year. He also directed Taxi Driver (1976), Wolf of Wall Street (2013) and Hugo (2011). Scorsese also made an appearance in one of my favourite fever dream flicks: Shark Tale (2004).

However, it was through Francesca’s TikTok account that the director gained a bunch of social media fans. Since posting vids with her dad, the 24-year-old has racked up more than 167.8K followers and 3.9 million likes.

Francesca’s latest video featuring Scorsese, which was a movie ranking, has received more than 3.2 million views and 352K likes. He also caused a stir in the comment section for choosing Birdman (2014) over The Good, The Bad and The Ugly (1966).

I love that Francesca has opened up Scorsese to a new world.

Their bond is so cute, and I love that his icon status has been introduced to the next generation.

Keen to see a TikTok day in the life of MS, one day.