Martin Scorsese Sent Bong Joon Ho A Delightfully Wholesome Letter After His Oscars Wins

Bong Joon Ho

It was only this month that incredibly wholesome man Bong Joon Ho made history at the 92nd Academy Awards. His film Parasite became the first foreign language film to win Best Picture, and he also took home the gongs for Best Original Screenplay, Best Director, and Best International Feature Film.

In his speech for best director, Bong – via excellent interpreter Sharon Choi – gave a heartfelt tribute to his hero Martin Scorsese. The veteran director had been nominated in the same category for his film, The Irishman. 

We’re obviously going to watch his speech again, because it is simply the best.

Glory to Bong Joon Ho.

Anywho, Bong revealed in a recent press conference in South Korea that Scorsese had sent him a letter, congratulating him again for his huge Oscars wins.

“This morning I got a letter from Martin Scorsese,” Bong told the press. “I can’t tell you what the letter said because it’s something personal. But towards the end he wrote, ‘You’ve done well. Now rest. But don’t rest for too long.’ He continued by saying how he and other directors were waiting for my next movie.”


When he’s ready and all rested up, Bong will do what he does best and make more fucking incredible movies. In the meantime, he’s also working on a Parasite limited series with HBO, that will expand the world of his movie.

Details are thin, but we do know that Bong will work with Adam McKay (The Big Short, Vice) to create the series.

We’ll keep you updated should more details hit the interweb.