Meet Noel, The Local Legend Who Takes Out All His Neighbours’ Bins Every Week

Not all heroes wear capes, some wear high-vis, like Noel, the absolute legend who takes out his entire street’s bins every week for nothing more than the joy of helping out. What a champion.

In an interview with ABC Perth, Noel and his support worker Isaac shared how without fail the local hero will get up early every week to ensure that not a single resident of his street has to make the rush to take their bins out themselves.

And this is no small street. According to Noel, this massive act of self-sacrifice requires him to drag “around 100” bins to get the job done.

“A hundred houses, so a hundred times two bins,” Isaac brahs about his friend who downplayed the selfless effort.


Noel waits until the bins have been collected by the council, and then returns every single one back to its home.

Give. The man. A knighthood.

A bin night-hood, if you will.

No doubt we’ve all found ourselves in the awkward position of forgetting when bin night is, and rushing outside in a dressing gown and two odd shoes to drag out the yellow bin onto the street.

Only to then realise that it’s the red bin week, and repeat the entire process.

But on Noel’s street nobody knows this pain, making it the closest our country has gotten to creating a utopia.

Noel doesn’t take the job lightly either. As Isaac points out he is “very much a perfectionist”. Because if a job isn’t done properly, it might as well not be done at all.

When asked if he lets Isaac break a sweat and help out with the bin endeavour each week, Noel yet again shows his dedication: “No, it’s my job.”

One of the residents of Noel’s street gave a glowing review of his work, saying how much “everyone loves him”.

“When I’ve told friends everyone says ‘I need a Noel in my life!’ No running out in your undies at 5am to meet the bin truck. Noel’s got it covered,” raved Lexi, a fortunate neighbour.

Noel doesn’t do it for money or pay, he does it simply because it’s a kind thing to do. And Noel, your nation thanks you for your service.

Honestly the least we can do is officially name the street after Noel.