The MVP Of The Festive Season Is This QLD Hero Who Quite Literally Took His Neighbour’s Bin Out


Heroes come in all shapes and sizes. Never had that point been proven more convincingly than when Queensland photographer Carl Stanojevic became the most chivalrous bin-taker-out-er-er to have ever lived by taking his neighbours bins out … on a date.

For the rest of us normies, taking the bins out is a weekly occurrence that doesn’t spark a whole lotta joy. However, in the eyes of Stanojevic, that one night of the week represents an opportunity to take a joke so ridiculously far that it makes headlines across the world with the New York Post even picking up the story.

How’s the view? (via Carl Stanojevic Facebook).

It all began when Stanojevic received a simple request from his neighbour Nick Doherty, asking if the fellow Mackay resident could take his bins out.

It was all in the semantics for Australia’s most eligible bin-bachelor, telling The Guardian that his neighbour “said take my bin out. If he had said put my bin out it would have been just a normal day in Mackay”.

Time for a feed (via Carl Stanojevic Facebook).

Chatting to the ABC, Stanojevic that his neighbour jokingly floated the expedition after clocking the double entendre. “He is going, ‘Yep, go everywhere’ … so I thought, Yep, I’d go everywhere.” Beautiful scenes. Brings a tear to my eye.

The trip covered pubs, hardware stores, fast food joints, the harbour, the local dump, a payphone booth and the fish and chip shop. The whole excursion was approximately five hours long, which I reckon is the perfect way to spend a summer’s day in the holiday break.

Ring ring (via Carl Stanojevic Facebook).

Smh, this bin gets more action than me. Where can I find someone who will take me to all these #exotic locations?

If Stanojevic is ever in need of a new career path, perhaps the Mackay regional tourism board can offer him a full-time position.