These Neighbours’ Dogs Were Best Friends, So They Had A Doggy Gate Installed In Their Fence

A pair of neighbours have won over the hearts of millions of internet users by showing how they created a way for their dogs to visit each other over their shared fence. Now the dogs, neighbours, and people of TikTok are all equally entertained.

In a video shared to TikTok by Whitney Tipton (@fun_with_grump), the dog-owner shared how she and her neighbour built a doggy door in their fence so that their pooches, Trapper and Fritz, could hang out whenever they want.

Speaking to People, Whitney shared how the human neighbours grew closer to each other as their dogs became pals, so sharing a hole in their fence that allows their pets to play was a welcome adjustment.

“The dogs were also how we became friendly with our neighbors. We were both first-time dog owners and got to know each other by commiserating with each other’s puppy challenges across the fence,” Whitney said, per the publication.

The initial video has been viewed on TikTok 3.7 million times and garnered over 377K likes.

The video showed how the dogs used to be separated by a fence, and would often peer underneath it to see their four-legged friend, which led the neighbours to realise they “had to build a dog gate” between each other.

@fun_with_grump Did those faces really give us a choice? 🥺 #goldenretriever #gsd #dogtok #bff #neighbors ♬ sonido original – Dj Polmaster🎙️

“You really had no other choice,” commented one viewer.

Another user pointed out that the change absolutely has to be permanent because of how cute it is.

“No one is allowed to move. EVER. I don’t wanna see a sad story about someone moving and a sad dog waiting for their friend at the door,” they wrote.

Whitney explained to the publication that her dog, Trapper, is a great match for her neighbour’s dog Fritz due to the Yin and Yang balance of their personalities.

“Trapper is a complete goofball, and Fritz is more reserved and serious. Their different personalities are what make them fun to watch,” she shared.

Nothing like the combination of Golden Retriever energy and German Shepherd seriousness.

In another TikTok posted by Whitney, you can see just how much use the dog gate gets from the two canine friends.

@fun_with_grump This is pretty much my camera roll now. It doesn’t get old. 😂 #goldenretriever #gsd #bff #neighbors #happy #dogtok ♬ Won’t You Be My Neighbor? – Mister Rogers

“This is pretty much my camera roll now. It doesn’t get old,” Whitney captioned the clip.

The two neighbouring families had been joking about installing a shared gate for months before finally installing it with the help of another neighbour.

Now, after months of usage, all parties involved get to enjoy knowing that their dogs can be endlessly entertained without the owners needing to go to any extra hassle.

“Now we can easily open it any time we’re outside together, even if we’re still in pyjamas or busy with yard work, or whatever else is going on,” said Whitney.

Given the great success of her dog gate, Whitney hopes that the trend catches on, and more communities and neighbours can be brought together in a wholesome and entertaining way.