The 2018 reimagining of God of War went down as one of the best video game releases of that year, if not, the past five years. From the perspective of other PlayStation exclusives, it’s currently the second highest rated and only one point behind the remaster of The Last of Us. If the behind the scenes aspect of games like this interest you, Sony has released a free full-length documentary on the making of God of War which you can watch right now.

Raising Kratos – which is just under two hours in length – centres mostly around the game’s director, Cory Barlog, and the greater task of transforming the franchise’s main character, Kratos, into a deeper, more relevant character for modern gaming.

It’s an incredibly interesting look behind the curtains of AAA game production and if you’ve got a couple of hours to kill, I highly recommend giving it a watch.

You can suss it out below.

While the series was always based around Greek mythology, the latest title puts Kratos into the icy world of Norse mythology where he and his son are trying to start over after the death of his wife.

Upon release, God of War scored a huge number of perfect scores from critics and is currently sitting at 94 on Metacritic. It’s also another reason Sony continues to be ahead of the curve when it comes to first-party titles.

If you own a PS4 and still haven’t played this, you’re making a horrible mistake.

Image: Santa Monica Studio