A festival in the UK based on the popular battle royale game, Fortnite, has gone the way of Fyre Fest, with hundreds of attendees requesting refunds after it was labelled, “a shambles”.

Fortnite Live was held at the Norfolk Showground near Norwich and featured a number of attractions which, I guess, were meant to let fans do some Fortnite-based stuff in real life. One of those things was rock climbing, which isn’t really something that’s explicitly done in the game, but maybe represents the building aspect? I have no idea.

Anyhoo, the whole thing completely fell apart, with attendees queueing for hours to get into the site and collect their wristbands for the two-day event. Entry cost 12 euros and an extra 20 euros for unlimited access to “underwhelming and understaffed” attractions, according to The Guardian.

“Visitors said there were not enough activities for the estimated 2,800 who turned up,” the article reads. “There was also only space for four children to practice archery at the same time and just one climbing wall tower with room for three climbers.”

Unreal. Get a load of the rock climbing wall in the tweet below.

Four go karts between 3,000 kids is so sadly funny, to me. At this point, I’d like to point out that Fortnite’s creator, Epic Games, had absolutely nothing to do with this event and are, in fact, capable of pulling off some great stuff.

“The attractions were pretty rubbish. It was the sort of thing you see at a school fete,” attendee, Oliver Phillips, told The Guardian. He also said that the cave experience was simply “a trailer, no bigger than a car, with a tunnel through it.”

According to the ironically named organiser, Exciting Events, a big part of the problem as that out of 19 employees scheduled to work, only eight of them actually showed up. The owner of the company has said that refunds are being handed out, but wouldn’t give an indication of how many.

It’s like a tiny Fyre Festival for kids.

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Source: The Guardian
Image: Getty Images