If you have a weird thing for operating system nostalgia, you’ll probably remember the mighty Windows 95 fondly. It was quite a milestone for Microsoft, and for me, it was the very first OS I used as a young chap. Now, some genius has turned the entire thing into an app which you can run on Windows, Linux, and macOS.

It functions just how you remember it, complete with Minesweeper, classic Paint, Wordpad, and all the other utilities around in the mid-90s. The only thing that doesn’t work is Internet Explorer, which just doesn’t load pages at all. No huge loss, really.

Developed by Felix Rieseberg – best known for his work on Slack – you can access the app via Github by simply downloading the executable file. Once installed, you just open it like any other app and dick around like it’s 1995 and you’re watching Nickelodeon or whatever. Revisit all the classic sounds, like emptying the Recycling Bin or starting that bitch up. Sweet memories.

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In terms of size, it’s pretty damn small, taking up a measly 129MB. Considering you’re running an entire OS, it’s pretty light on PC resources, too, even if you’re running all sorts of games and utilities within its old-as-shit digital walls.

It’s Friday, folks, so kick back, crack open a cold one, and draw some dicks in MS Paint from ’95.

Image: Microsoft