‘Cos their chemistry in Set It Up was just too damn good, Netflix has revealed Zoey Deutch and Glen Powell are reuniting for another romcom, tentatively titled Most Dangerous Game. 

Netflix’s see what’s next account on Twitter also said the pair will re-team with Set It Up‘s writer Katie Silberman for peak adorable vibes. She’s the scribe behind Isn’t It Romantic, starring Rebel Wilson, and the producer of How To Be Single – also starring Wilson. You can find the former on Netflix.

SPOILERS – considering how nicely everything ended in Set It Up, producer Justin Nappi said a sequel just wasn’t in the cards.

“We are excited by the thought of creating a new, distinct film that explores different romantic comedy tropes while still being anchored in everything that we loved about the first movie,” he told Netflix.

If you haven’t treated your eyeballs to Set It Up yet, the romcom introduces us to overworked assistants Harper (Deutch) and Charlie (Powell). The former dreams of being a sports journo but spends her days catering to the extremes need of her boss, Kristen (Lucy Liu). The latter wants to be a top corporate bloke but makes do with being his boss’ Rick (Taye Diggs) go-to-for-every-single-thing man.

Frustrated with their lives, the pair team up for their biggest project yet – getting their bosses to fall in lurve.

Yeah, you can guess what happens but the movie’s a cute ride and a cosy Friday in with the pals/dog/cat/fish/your phone.

Also, Lucy bloody Liu.

Set It Up is available on Netflix.

Image: Netflix