Judy Greer & Zoey Deutch Are Starring In A Comedy Together So Prepare The Wine

Judy Greer, dear quirky favourite of so many romcoms throughout the years, is set to co-star with fellow romcom queen Zoey Deutch in an indie comedy-drama by the name of Buffaloed. 

I mean, what else do you want?

[jwplayer jJoBfNnw]

Per Deadline’s exclusive, the indie flick follows the life of one Peg Dahl (Deutch), a homegrown hustler who’s trying to get her ass out of Buffalo, New York for bigger and better things. Except, with a debt to pay off Peg starts to lose sight of her future and to rectify this, decides to become a debt collector in the city’s underworld which is totally cool, cool, cool. In her new career, Peg finds herself squaring off against the city’s debt-collecting “kingpin”.

Oh, please let that be Greer.

Deutch will also produce the film alongside a couple of punters from Lost City Productions. 

It’s still exceptionally early days though so we’ll keep you updated.

In the mean time, Greer’s been up to quite a bit recently.

You may have caught her in Ant-Man and the Wasp as Maggie or in the trailer for Jim Carrey’s return to the small screen in Kidding. 

The latter of which you can catch, below:

That is an insane trailer.

You can also catch Greer in Halloween, due out for release in October. This baby’s the sequel to the 1978 flick of the same name starring Jamie Lee Curtis and was recently announced as being rated R because of all the blood, horror violence, and language which is really no surprise.

You can suss that trailer out, below:


You can also catch Greer in the latest season of Archer as the unstoppable Cheryl Tunt. 

Judy is everywhere, everywhere.

As for Deutch, well she’s currently killing it after breathing life into the romcom in the Netflix original, Set It Up.