It’s nearly Avengers: Infinity War time, and you know what that means: it’s when speculation about who is going to die amps up to fever pitch. Marvel has teased that at least one of the heroes won’t make it to the other side – which no doubt has a little something to do with everyone’s contracts expiring – but we haven’t really been clued into who it might be. That doesn’t stop nerds speculating! Nothing ever stops nerds from speculating.

Now they have a little more fuel for the fire. Seemingly innocuous photos from the set of Avengers 4 were published by TMZ and JustJared, and fans reckon that it absolutely points out who is going to die. Read absolutely no further if you want nothing spoiled. If you read further, and it turns out to be true, and you then retroactively blame me for the spoiler, I’ll be so cross.

Notice anything weird about that pic there? Oldmate Chris Evans is rocking a vintage Captain America look, sans beard and with the classic Cap costume. Given the fact he has a lush beard in the Infinity War trailer, people are assuming this means he appears only in flashbacks and therefore will die in Infinity War.

Personally? I’m not buyin’ it just yet. We’ve got no clue what has or hasn’t been shot yet, or even whether Cap’s beard stays on for the duration of Infinity War. Can’t the bloke have a shave if he wants to? We’re literally bereft of information at this point, so it’s difficult to know exactly what this set means.

Also, it’s worth noting that Paul Rudd – aka Ant-Man – appears to be present for whatever scene this is, which means it can’t be a flashback from too long ago if it is indeed one.

Look, somebody dies. We just don’t know who.

Image: Avengers: Infinity War