Hard Quiz host Tom Gleeson didn’t know if he would win the 2019 TV Week Gold Logie, but he did know a victory would piss off a fair chunk of the Australian viewing public. On the morning after his irreverent victory, it appears he succeeded in his goal.

Gleeson, who sought fan votes with a promise to undermine the premise of Australian television’s most prestigious award, has received a sincere backlash from viewers and media personalities who think the award should, you know, mean something.

Former independent senator and radio personality Derryn Hinch lashed out at Gleeson on Twitter, asking why the comedian wanted to tarnish the legacy of an award won by someone as widely respected as Daryl Somers.

Other media figures have lambasted the host for tarnishing what would have been a career milestone for fellow contenders Amanda Keller, Rodger Corser, Eve Morey, Costa Georgiadis, 2016 winner Waleed Aly, and Sam Mac.

In a discussion with Studio 10 host Sarah Harris, entertainment reporter Peter Ford expressed his concerns that potential winners “missed out on their chance last night” because of Gleeson’s deliberately smarmy antics.

Pockets of viewers have also expressed their disappointment in the win.

“There’s a line between being satirical & being just rude and he very much so crossed that line,” one viewer tweeted. “There are others that the Award would meaningfully acknowledge and lift and change Australian culture for the better,” added another.

“But no, same shit. He thinks he’s different? He’s not.”

While Gleeson’s speech rankled viewers, it also garnered significant support from those who do recognise the inherent silliness of a televised entertainment event celebrating televised entertainment.

Viewers have expressed their gratitude that someone had the wherewithal to hang shit on the event.

Watch this space to see how the other contenders react to Gleeson’s win.

Image: Darren England / AAP Image