PEDESTRIAN.TV has partnered with Longbranch for the Second Batch Film Festival.

Have you got a film under your belt that you’ve poured your sweat, blood, tears and more tears into that is yet to be given the praise it deserves? Have you submitted said film to countless film festivals only to be knocked back by shortsighted yuppies? Are you so proud of your baby that you’re starting to question whether it’s just a mother’s love-type blindness?

Well, look no further my film-making friends.

In collaboration with Pedestrian Group, Wild Turkey Longbranch is calling on all short filmmakers to submit the hidden gems that deserve more than a handful of YouTube views. Hell, we let bourbon mature, why shouldn’t we do the same for films?


It’s simple: we’re giving filmmakers the opportunity to submit their previously-rejected short films to be judged by a smorgasbord of cinephiles, with one lucky filmmaker winning the crown and being dubbed the Supreme (that’s not the official title for the winner but it should be).

Whether it’s a project from high school that you hold dear to your heart, or something more advanced, there’s a spot for all walks of film, you just have to submit it in the form above.

We’ve created an entire Second Batch Film Festival site for the entries to live on and where people can head to kick back with a nice bourbon on the rocks (or neat if you’re a hardass), a head-sized bucket of popcorn and their finest pair of judging goggles.

So, if this has reignited the creative fire in your loins, head to the website and enter the following to be eligible:

  • Name
  • DOB (18+)
  • Email 
  • Title of the film 
  • Link to the short film (min 5 minutes, max 15 minutes)
  • 100-word synopsis of the film and their process

As mentioned, the movies will also be judged by bona fide professionals such as  Gracie Otto, Eddie Baroo and Brenton Thwaites, who will be scoring based on creativity, collaboration and the film’s unique point of view.

Look, I really shouldn’t be showing you this, but if you want a little leg up, here’s exactly how the judges will be voting. As long as your short film shows authenticity and it’s a captivating story, your chances are looking good.

Peruse the criteria, see how many sections you believe your short film ticks and then shoot your shot.

For those who nominate movies, there’s also something in it for you – 10 voters will be given a bottle of 700ml Wild Turkey Longbranch Bourbon.

So get watching, get submitting, get voting, and strap yourselves in for a whole new world of short films needing a second chance.

Image: iStock / selimaksan