Well here’s a lil’ something-something to kick off your Thursday morning, Netflix has just gifted us our first proper look at RuPaul‘s new series AJ and the Queen.

It looks like an absolute banger, if I do say so myself.

RuPaul stars as a down-on-her-luck drag queen travelling across America in a vintage RV with a tough-talking 10-year-old stowaway. That is the very skeletal gist of the series. And you can learn more when you watch the trailer, because right now I just want to write about how 22 (!!!) Drag Race alums are co-starring in the series as well. TWENTY-TWO. They’ll all appear across the 10-episode first season in smaller roles, but roles nonetheless.

The Alums

Valentina (season 9, All Stars 4), Eureka O’Hara (seasons 9 & 10), Monique Heart (season 10, All Stars 4), Latrice Royale (season 4, All Stars 1 4), Trinity The Tuck (season 9, All Stars 4 winner), Jujubee (season 2, All Stars 1), Chad Michaels (season 4, All Stars 1 winner), Bianca Del Rio (season 6 winner), Mayhem Miller (season 10), Vanessa Vanjie Mateo (season 10 & 11), Manila Luzon (season 3, All Stars 1 & 4), Jinkx Monsoon (season 5 winner), Katya (season 7, All Stars 2), Jaymes Mansfield (season 9), Mariah Balenciaga (season 3), Kennedy Davenport (season 7, All Stars 3), Jade Jolie (season 5), Ginger Minj (season 7, All Stars 2), Pandora Boxx (season 2, All Stars 1), Victoria ‘Porkchop’ Parker (season 1), Alexis Mateo (season 3, All Stars 1), and Ongina (season 1).


So back to the gist – Ruby Red (RuPaul) is broke as hell after her boo steals all her money. So Ruby hits the road to earn back her $$$, performing at drag clubs all over America. Expect a whole lotta musical numbers too.

AJ and the Queen premieres January 10 on Netflix.

It looks like such a fun time, I can’t wait.

Image: Netflix