Holy shit, a sequel to Chicken Run really is happening almost 20 years after the original flick came out.

News of the sequel first hit the internet in April of last year, when The Hollywood Reporter broke the news that Aardman Animations – the original team behind the film – had locked in sequel plans.

The award-winning Chicken Run was the studio’s first full-length feature flick. It is absolutely responsible for the words “but I don’t want to be a pie” running through my head every time I see a goddamn pie.

Speaking to Flickering Myth following the release of his latest movie, A Shaun The Sheep Movie: Farmageddon (incredible title), Will Becher cheekily shared the British stop-motion studio is currently “overrun with chickens”. Becher was only supposed to talk about his film, made at the same studio, but he ended up confirming pre-production on Chicken Run 2. Bless him.

“Well all I can tell you is that there were a lot of chickens being made towards the end of our film,” he said. “We have a model-making team and, at one point, it was just full of sheep, but slowly over the course of the following weeks it became overrun with chickens.

“So there is definitely an intention there and it was announced they are in pre-production on a sequel.”


A release date has yet to be announced but we’ll keep you updated.

Chicken Run tells the story of a fierce as hell chicken named Ginger (Julia Sawalha) who, along with her dear friends, attempt to escape death/an evil farmer with the help of a cocky rooster named Rocky (Mel Gibson).

Happy to report Chicken Run is available for your viewing pleasure on Netflix.

Behold, arguably the most intense bit of the film.

Image: Chicken Run