As a messy bitch who loves drama – and really, who among is not? – I was very much looking forward to the upcoming Feud: Charles and Diana, but unfortunately, it appears that FX will not be going ahead with the series, or at least not now.

Matthew Goode and Rosamund Pike were rumoured to star as Prince Charles and Princess Diana, the royal couple who divorced acrimoniously in the ’90s, in the follow-up to Ryan Murphy‘s acclaimed FX series Feud: Bette and Joan

As of this week, however, it seems plans for the show have been scuppered. Speaking with The Hollywood Reporter, FX CEO John Landgraf said:

“As far as I know, it’s not active right now. We did [have it cast] but we decided we didn’t feel we had the material right and decided not to move forward with it.”

Prestigious Netflix drama The Crown is also planning to tell the story of Charles and Diana in a few seasons’ time, but Landgraf says that this has nothing to do with the current situation:

“It’s not because of The Crown. I think there was a very different approach. I happen to really like The Crown. But it’s told from the point of view of the royal family. This is told from the point of view of somebody coming into that family a la Meghan Markle. Ultimately, we couldn’t get the material to the place we wanted.”

Ryan Murphy’s American Crime Story: Katrina is currently delayed amidst script changes, with Landgraf saying the show recently went “back to square one” to start over.

It’s unclear whether this has anything to do with the massive $300m Netflix deal that Murphy recently signed, but Landgraf seems confident that we haven’t seen the last of Feud or Crime Story.

“I think there will be more cycles [of both shows], but I’m not really in control of that,” he said, adding that the star producer “sets his own timetable.”

Source: EW
Image: Getty Images / Tim Graham