Can you believe Hollywood is churning out not one, but THREE Charles Manson-related films this year? We’ve already seen the (absolute trash) trailer for The Haunting Of Sharon Tate starring Hilary Duff, and there’s no doubt in my mind that the Tarantino helmed Once Upon A Time In Hollywood flick will be phenomenal. But we’ve gotten a trailer this week for Charlie Says, and guys, it looks pretty damn good.

Fronted by Matt Smith as the infamous Charles Manson, the film does a great job of not going too “Hollywood”, keeping Manson looking rough but charming, as he was in real life. The film also focuses less on him and more on the three women involved in the murder of Sharon Tate and her house guests, with Game Of Thrones alum Hannah Murray as Leslie Van Houten, Sosie Bacon as Patricia Krenwinkel and Marianne Rendón as Susan Atkins.

The film follows the three women during their incarceration, with graduate student Karlene Faith being brought into the women’s prison they’re in to “help” them realise the seriousness of their actions. It sounds like a strange premise, but from the trailer it looks like it’ll see the events unfold via flashbacks from the perspective of the three women.

However, Rotten Tomatoes currently has the film at 33%, which isn’t great. As someone fascinated by the way Manson manipulated his followers into actual murder, given the cult was originally about community and ~love~, I’ll still be seeing this one.

Image: Charlie Says