You’ll Never Experience The Purity Of Love In Gigi & Zayn’s ‘Vogue’ Shoot

The proletariat’s version of a public declaration of love is posting a photo to the social meeds – doubly so for your mates who just got their wedding shots back and won’t stop fucking changing their profile pic on the daily.

The exceptionally good-looking and famous person’s version, however, is a joint photo shoot with your lover in the fashion world’s premier glossy.

It’s also doing hand-stands over your partner’s face, apparently.

?? @voguemagazine by @mariotestino on stands in May!! xx

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Yes, that’s right. Premier hot couple of the month Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik have gone full-blown PDA in a joint shoot in next month’s Vogue. It was shot by Mario Testino (naturally), and this morning is all over Instagram.

Honestly. True love between unfairly attractive people just makes you sick, don’t it?

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The spread was shot on location in Naples, Italy, a city once-known for high crime rate and heavy mafia presence but will now be known as, like, the most romantic place evah.

Check out the serious Grease vibes in this one:

If you want to spend this morning feeling vastly inferior about every aspect of your existence, check out the full spread here.

Photos: Vogue.