Wrestling Fans Are Losing Their Minds Over Something That Happened At A Wrestling Show

Professional wrestling fans are notorious for being smugly ahead of the curve of most things that happen in the wrestling world. The storylines, as much as World Wrestling Entertainment wouldn’t like to admit, have largely predictable arcs that only contain the occasional swerve here and there, but even then it’s usually something not entirely out of the realms of possibility. But at today’s historic WrestleMania 30 event – an enormous production put on at New Orleans’ Superdome, attended by over 70,000 people and seen by millions more worldwide – the company threw fans the ultimate curveball that few, if any, saw coming. The one constant of the biggest sports-entertainment spectacular of the year has been The Undertaker. The WWE’s larger-than-life dark, comic book-style outlaw character had amassed an incredible winning streak (we know it’s scripted) of 21. 21 years. 21 matches. 21 victories. But all that changed today when Brock Lesnar, behemoth of a man and former UFC Heavyweight Champion, defeated the Undertaker for the first time at a WrestleMania event. The crowd lost it, in a glorious array of reaction gifs.

And, predictably, those with phones and a Twitter account used both to great effect.

Hell, even hats were eaten.

Whatever the reason for it, whether the 49 year old Undertaker cannot physically keep up anymore, whether it’s all a carefully orchestrated publicity stunt, or whether the WWE just wanted to be dicks about the whole thing, one thing’s for sure, this guy probably needs a space blanket and maybe a cookie to cope.
It’s still real to him, damn it.
Photo: Dimitrios Kambouris via Getty Images.

GIFs via Fox Sports.