Selena Gomez Teased A Wizards Of Waverly Place Reunion, So Everything Is Not What It Seems

wizards of waverly place reboot

Don’t freak out but I reckon we could be copping some sort of Wizards Of Waverly Place reunion because Selena Gomez and former co-star David Henrie just reunited for an adorable Instagram video that yeeted me back to 2010.

Henrie took to Instagram to share a sneaky video of him and Gomez posing next to what looks to be a wall of fake grass, saying simply “hmm”.

Well, David, HMMM indeed. Tell us wtf is happening already, please.

I know what you’re thinking, this doesn’t mean anything, they could just be hanging out. BUT! I have reason to believe the whole cast is reuniting for ~something~.

Earlier this week, David Henrie caught up with fellow Wizards Of Waverly Place co-stars Jennifer Stone and Gregg Sulkin to film some TikToks and a YouTube video for Gregg’s channel.

@davidhenrieOh ya know. Just a wizard, a wolf and a Harper trying to smile without moving our cheeks. ##wowp ##disney ##wizard ##werewolf♬ original sound – davidhenrie

@davidhenrieWizards of Waverly place reunion part 2 (+ trivia) on Gregg & Cameron Youtube Channel! check it out! ##tiktok ##wizard

♬ original sound – davidhenrie

Jennifer Stone also took to Instagram to share a snap from the catch up, making it sound like it’s a somewhat regular occurrence for the actors, who still keep up a group chat according to Access Hollywood.

Sure, this could just be a friendly catch up, or maybe Henrie is trying to pull a Josh Peck and turn his child stardom into an internet celebrity career. But honestly, I think this is just *too* coincidental not to be some sort of reunion.

Previously, David and Gregg posted a video in which they said it “could be tomorrow. Could be a year from now. But [they’d] say there’s reasonable hope that there will be a reunion one day.” And Selena has also said that she’d been down for a revival of the show that kicked off her career. So who knows, maybe this is a sign that the stars are aligning and they’re coming to save the day in 2020 with a little bit of magic.

Maybe we’re not getting a full reboot, but surely this has to be something. Right?

You can catch up on the original series and spin-off movies on Disney+ now.