Watch Will Ferrell Hang With Biggie’s Son

Will Ferrell has this weird strike rate where he does one serious movie for every seven smash hits he makes with carbon copies of his character from Old School.

Adopted from the Raymond Carver novel, Everything Must Go is definitely the former. It once again proves that Ferrell can indeed act without screaming like a lunatic (Zoolander) or pretending to be gay (er, Zoolander). The story of a man who loses his job and his wife in one day and ends up living on his lawn, the film features an OG supporting cast in the shape of Christopher Jordan Wallace, son of the late Biggie Smalls. You may remember him playing a young Notorious B.I.G in, um, Notorius B.I.G. Here, he bonds with Ferrell as his life falls to pieces by raiding his stash of Playboys and chilling with him in the pool. Awesome. Don’t kids go to school in America anymore?

via Av Club.