Derek Zoolander’s Instagram Account Is So Hot Right Now

His recent flurry of Instagram posts may be a marketing gimmick for the upcoming Zoolander 2, but regardless, male model Derek Zoolander is crushing it right now. 
Earlier today, he posted a pic of himself pulling the legendary Blue Steel look with Justin Bieber, who kind of nails it to the point where he seems like he was born to do this. 

@justinbieber #twinsies #??

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Bieber is one of many celebrities to feature in the Zoolander 2 cast, although sadly, the role of Derek Jr is credited to another young actor, so our dreams there are slightly crushed.
Per his suddenly-extremely-busy Instatgram account, Derek has also been hanging out with Hansel, and hitting up orange mocha frappuccinos:

Hello?? Earth to Instgram… #??

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Its the season! ????????#orangemochaslashpumpkinspicefrappuccino

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Derek’s Insta-collage skills have also proved to be somewhat next-level:
Zoolander 2, which co-stars Owen Wilson, Will Ferrell, Kristen Wiig, Christine Taylor, Penelope Cruz and (possibly) Benedict Cumberbatch, is out next February.