WATCH: Some Maniac Has Found A Link Between ‘Home Alone’ and ‘Friends’

If there’s one thing about TV shows and movies from the 90s, its that internet archaeologists are always going to find bizarre new details to obsess over. The next two cabs off the rank are Home Alone and Friends, which are apparently – cue the Twilight Zone theme – liiiiiiiiiinked.

The sleuths at production company 22 Vision have pointed out a key synchronicity: apparently, the suburban home Monica and Chandler buy in the final season of Friends is the same house as the lethally booby-trapped house from Home Alone.
It’s compelling.
But it’s also definitely one of those ‘how the hell did you notice this unless you’ve seen both Friends and Home Alone hundreds of times’ things.
I mean, it’s easy to believe that the film and television industry recycles sets and uses settings multiple times, but I choose to believe some kind of government conspiracy.
Source: YouTube.