WATCH: Seth Rogen Fakes His Own Death In V. Good ‘Billy On The Street’ Bit

Extremely loud man Billy Eichner has taken New Yorkers on an emotional roller coaster, by pranking them into believing perpetually stoned comedian Seth Rogen was dead, and then low-and-behold, revealing him to be alive.

His latest segment for ‘Billy on the Street‘ – morbidly titled ‘Death Rogen‘ – allows Rogen the rare experience of witnessing the public mourn for his death. (And if you’ve never imagined your own funeral, either you’re an anomaly or you’re lying.)

“We’ve lost so many great artists this year who don’t live long enough to see all the many profound ways that people pay tribute to them after they’re gone,” explained Billy. “Seth can experience what their reaction is while he is still around.”

Full props to the Aussies who saw through this stitch-up right away. Doin’ us proud, mates.

Photo: Billy on the Street.