WATCH: New Webseries ‘Bruce’ Works Colonial ‘Straya Into Peak Black Comedy

Bruce, a brand-bloody-new black comedy set in an Australian convict colony, snuck up on us with almost no warning. Much like the original colonists did, then.

Billing its location as “an ordinary Aussie share-house that just happens to be a prison tent in Sydney Cove, 1788,” Bruce follows the trials and tribulations – well, mainly tribulations – of the eponymous Bruce (Richard Davies).

Ol’ mate B decided it’d be a stellar idea to nick a loaf of bread so he’d get shipped off Down Under, in order to chat up fellow convict Daisy (Veronica Thomas). As you do.

Coming straight out of the mind of Tony Rogers, the fella who created Wilfred, the first six eps are available for your perusal on YouTube as of right this moment.

Look: it’s not every day something like this pops up, so have a gander at Episode 1 below:

Source and photo: Bruce / YouTube.