WATCH: Netflix’s Chilling Doco On Penis Graffiti Has A Girthy New Trailer

Netflix has well and truly established itself as a pioneer of prestige true crime content. The titles of Making A Murderer and The Keepers have essentially become shorthand for seriously dark but deeply binge-able docos, and not without reason: they’re compelling pieces of storytelling.

If the trailer for American Vandal is anything to go by, their latest addition to the genre may just be the most searing takedown of America’s justice system yet.

While the show is billed as a mockumentary, we’re certain that’s a mix-up. After all, Netflix surely wouldn’t go to the effort of crafting an eight-part series on the false expulsion of a high school student after 27 giant spray-painted dicks appeared on faculty vehicles.

Full of all the interviews, investigation, and CGI reenactments that you’ve come to expect from the streaming giant, the series – which is helmed by a team including Honest Trailers’ Dan Perrault – will arrive on September 15.