WATCH: Julia Zemiro Gets Louis Theroux To Try Aussie Slang & We Ship This

It’s virtually impossible to not have at least some sort of small crush on Louis Theroux. The most affably British man there ever was has built his career and reputation on inserting himself into outrageous scenarios, families, sub-cultures and the like, in order to produce the kind of riveting documentary that’s fuelled many a rainy, hungover Sunday.

Your old mate has a new feature doco coming out soon – Heroin Town – in which he meets addicts in a US town considered ground zero for the country’s heroin epidemic (it has an addiction rate of 25% of the population and a fatal overdose rate 13 times higher than the national average).

Before that grim-sounding story hits cinemas, Louis has been doing a bunch of decidedly lighter promotional work, and this might be the lightest of the lot.

BBC Worldwide had him sit down with the ever-wonderful Julia Zemiro to tackle some good old fashioned Aussie slang.

They’re entry-level words, to be sure, and some of them are bloody outdated as hell. But be damned if Louis Theroux repeatedly saying “dinky-di” isn’t utterly charming.

Also just quietly, Louis and Julia? We ship it. We ship it hard.

Heroin Town hits cinemas from November 17th. Theroux’s new season of TV documentaries begins on BBC Knowledge from November 21st.