WATCH: Jim Carrey Had A Total Existential Crisis On The NYFW Red Carpet

Jim Carrey isn’t exactly the most on-the-level personality nowadays, but he’s still one to never pass up an opportunity to mess with unsuspecting media.

E! News reporter Catt Sadler found that out the hard way when Carrey, seemingly on the spot, decided to fully explore the concept of nihilism and its relationship to the openly superficial world of fashion at the Harper’s Bazaar ICONS party during New York Fashion Week celebrations over the weekend.

Whether it was a definite attempt to screw with Sadler, or the musings of a man exasperated by the things he’s seen, the reasonably reclusive Carrey immediately veered the interview off the rails by circling Sadler twice, before launching into a rambling diatribe that questioned not only the purpose of Fashion Week itself, but of life, existence, and corporeal bounds as well.

Y’know, standard behaviour for a red carpet appearance, really.

You’d wanna hope the overflowing champagne was also free for media presenters. Lord knows Catt Sadler would need a shedload of it after enduring that.

Jim, are you alright m8?