Watch House Of Cards’ Full Length Season Two Trailer

On-demand video content emporium of our dreams Netflix has dropped a full length trailer for the second season of its backstabby political drama series House Of Cards

Kevin Spacey returns to ‘the future of television’ as the ambitious House Majority Whip turned Machiavellian Vice-President who feels the need to break the fourth wall and explain everything to us, Frank Underwood, ominously declaring that I’m going to kill all of you and make it look like a mass suicide “There is but one rule. Hunt or be hunted”. 

If season one was all about his malevolent, calculated ascension to power, season two is about the extreme countermeasures and moonwalking required to maintain it. Talking heads be talking, Zoe Barnes has apparently worked out what happened to Peter Russo, and Doug Stamper is again in panicky damage control mode and one bad tweet away from a heart attack (“I can’t have this conspiracy stuff going mainstream!!!”).   

House of Cards season 2 will be available in its entirety February 14th on Netflix.