WATCH: Heath Ledger’s Sis Admits She “Screamed & Cried” Through New Doco

Oh my god, here’s a right punch in the guts.
I Am Heath‘, the new documentary about actor Heath Ledger‘s short but incredibly prolific career, is out today, and his sister Kate appeared on ‘The Project’ last night to talk about it.

The family might have – eventually – given their blessing for the doco, but it doesn’t mean it was a totally positive experience. Answering questions about watching the film, Kate said that she “screamed and cried through the whole first viewing.”

“[It was] incredibly emotional,” she said. “I think I screamed and cried through the whole first viewing. It’s quite a cathartic experience I think, especially for our family.”

The film is built around hours of never-before-seen privately shot footage that Variety describes as taking “you up close to the person Heath Ledger was: a true free spirit, who lived without the rules most people in the entertainment business cling to – and without the boundaries.”

‘I Am Heath’ even includes a pic of a baby Heath dressed in a Batman costume, which Kate said on The Project was a “surreal experience for him to then go on and be in a Batman movie”, a.k.a. ‘The Dark Knight‘.

Watch the full – and verging on emotionally devastating – interview below.

Photo: The Project.