WATCH: Contemplate Life’s Pointlessness As Guy Fieri Eats To Johnny Cash

There is not art without suffering. No knowledge without pain. No truth without worrying. No joy without shame.
There are some of us, a rare select few, equipped with the presence of mind and intestinal fortitude to lift themselves out of the murk and into an almost unbearable light.
But for the rest of us there is naught but darkness; strapped to a perpetually rotating carousel of our own weaknesses and laments. Doomed to repeat our own failures and shortcomings as we march one-by-one into oblivion.
Fortunately, however, there exists the pure nihilistic glee of “Guy Fieri eating” supercuts to deliver us from complete evil. And the sadder the backing track, somehow the better the videos get.
The human embodiment of a Smash Mouth CD and a lit match is all over Australian TV screens at present, thanks to the SBS bringing us the rainy day glory that is the Food Network.
And thus, we have this. Guy Fieri, eating recklessly on an endless quest to dull whatever it is that’s clearly eating him, set to Johnny Cash‘s late-career heart-ripper “Hurt.”

There’s no sandwich on earth big enough to fill the hole in your heart, Guy.
Source: Uproxx.