WATCH: Blake Lively Takes On A Giant Bloody Shark In ‘The Shallows’ Trailer

Until about five minutes ago, we didn’t realise that all we want out of life is a movie where a screaming Blake Lively gets stranded on a rock while a giant GCI shark circles, but now the trailer for The Shallows is here and that’s literally all we can think about.

In many ways, The Shallows looks like a spiritual successor to Gossip Girl, with the vast, uncaring ocean as a visual metaphor for the vagaries of the Manhattan social scene, and a giant goddamn CGI shark as Blair Waldorf.

Let’s just take a moment to deal with how good this looks:
The Shallows is out June 24 in the U.S., with an Australian release date forthcoming. 
Source: Vanity Fair.