WATCH: ‘Antiques Roadshow’ Gets Aussie Bent With Appraisal Of Rare Pingers

Antiques Roadshow‘ is usually a seemingly endless parade of 1000 year old people proffering up pieces of crockery or clocks only marginally older than they are to an expert who looks like their idea of fun is falling asleep in an Elizabethan wardrobe, but Aussie comedian Alex Williamson decided to spice up the format a little.

The man formerly known as the Loosest Aussie Bloke Ever dons his best suit and best upper-class British accent to appraise a hopeful punter’s hopefully valuable pinger, identifying it immediately to be of auspicious origin:
“It’s exquisite German engineering, and from the texture we can confidently date it to the late 20th century, during the reign of Queen Elizabeth II, when cunts were really starting to get fucked up in warehouses and churches.

“This is from a rather forgotten period in history, when a raver would only need one, at most two, of these to keep fist-pumping through until sunrise.”

With his highly trained eye he manages to skilfully ascertain the pill’s provenance:

“Here’s what I can tell you, it was a co-operative effort, made by two craftsmen: one working the pill press, the other making the formula.”

I don’t want to ruin the surprise but a further discovery reveals an incredible secret about this extraordinary disco biscuit, have a cheeky watch:

Photo: Facebook.