Today in news that delights us so much we just purged our last several meals with sheer joy, Skylar Astin and Anna Camp, otherwise known as the stars of one of the greatest movies of our generation, have announced that they are getting hitched.  

Vomit With Joy: ‘Pitch Perfect’ Stars Anna Camp And Skylar Astin Are Engaged

Much like Dave Franco and Alison Brie before them, we kind of had no idea that Astin and Camp were actually a couple until their engagement announcement, but we’re very happy to hear that the Pitch Perfect duo will soon unite in matrimonial bliss. 

“I asked. She said yes!!!” said Astin in a subsequent Instagram post. Camp shared exactly the same photo on her own Instagram, and captioned it: “He asked. I said YES!!!” OH YOU GUYS:

I asked. She said yes!!! ????????

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The couple have been engaging in similarly adorable social media behaviours for a while now, and shared a joint birthday cake back in September:

Pre party/post party We killed the cake! ???? @skylarastin

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CONGR-ACA-LATIONS GUYS. Love is real after all.

Story: MTV News
Photo: Michael Bucker / Getty Images